Tax Services

Could you be paying more tax than you have to or less tax than you should, and hereby risking penalties? Our specialized tax professionals have the experience and expertise to help you in tax planning , minimize your tax authorities. Our tax professionals provide comprehensive business solutions through a wide range of services. Our main approach is to provide proactive planning and advice, tailored assistance. We keep you in regular contact and have an extensive database of information on tax related products. Our tax consulting offers a variety of valuable advisory services, which include,

Income tax compliance

  • Preparing income tax computations based on review of the financial statements
  • Advising on the tax position
  • Preparing and submitting annual returns
  • Computing and advising on the annual income tax installment payment
  • Handling Kenya revenue Authority enquiries on our clients behalf and playing a facilitation and liaison role in the event of revenue audits

Tax health checks

With the Kenya revenue authority’s increased scrutiny of taxpayers and the high fines and penalties, it is important to ensure that even inadvertent non-compliance with tax law is avoided .Our heath checks, in which we review in –house tax operations (PAYE tax, withholding tax matters and VAT) to ensure compliance and to establish any possible tax planning opportunities, provided this valuable assurance.

Tax consultancy & Advisory services

This covers a wide range of services including tax planning , tax consultation to assist in business decision making and planning, providing answers to specific tax enquiries , tax due diligence investigation and preparing industry or company tax position papers, such as for lobbying purposes

Executive & Employee returns

All individuals including employees are required to file income tax returns. We handle tax affairs for individual and preparing and submitting returns for directors , management and other employees .In these days where corporate taxpayer responsibility is extended to directors ,for example in government tendering this service can be critical

Value Added Tax Refund

We carry out value added tax audit for the purpose of refunds in accordance with the provisions of value Added tax act.

KRA Audit & Enquiries

We provide advice and guidance in the event of KRA audit and enquiries; review the technical basis of matters raised by the revenue authority; and generally facilitating the process.

Tax trainings

We offer training courses covering corporate tax, PAYE, withholding tax, VAT, customs and excise which can be tailored for specific sectors. This is a service that helps keep the finance staff up to date in the application of respective tax loss in changing environment.